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Tips for choosing a camping chair

  1. Storage method

Briefly summarize the chairs after storage are divided into two types: columnar and flat.

The column shape will be more friendly to the use of space, regardless of where there are seams and plugs. However, the flat shape needs to be pre-calculated and loaded in advance. Everyone can choose this according to their own needs.

  1. Chair height

Generally, tables and chairs are used together. When choosing a chair, you should consider the combination of the chair surface and the table. High chairs are matched with high tables, and low chairs are matched with low tables to avoid the embarrassment caused by uneven heights of tables and chairs.

If there is a need for outdoor dining, try not to choose a moon chair and a blue ridge chair with a lower bottom plate. You can’t eat well with your stomach.

If there is a need for head support, it is good to increase the moon chair and increase the folding chair. Be sure to look at the height of the seat back in advance.

It is very important to buy a chair and experience it yourself! Before you plan to buy your own camping chair, you can try a friend’s chair first. Don’t rely on imagination to buy a chair, after all, everyone’s personal experience of comfort will be different.

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