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4 bonus points for picking a camping chair

Chairs are usually the first props to be assembled when camping, and most of the camping scenes are also related to chairs.

According to the material, the frame of the chair will have aluminum alloy, wood, etc.; according to the fabric, it will also be cotton canvas, polyester and others; in terms of load-bearing, basically, except for small chairs such as Maza, the official load-bearing logo of the chair is in More than 200 pounds, you can rest assured.

  1. With armrests

As mentioned above, a chair with armrests you can choose to open your arms, you can cool and stretch well, and it is more weight-friendly. Senbo Bear’s new seal chair in 2022 adopts an ultra-light aluminum alloy bracket for a stable structure, and the armrests made of natural bamboo wood are waterproof and durable. Convergent storage method, which is convenient and fast. Divided into low back and high back, the seat height is about 30cm.

  1. Adjustable

The adjustable part of the camping chair is generally at the angle of the legs and backrest. OnwaySports is a clear sky chair made of aluminum alloy frame and breathable canvas seat with a seat height of 42cm. The back of the chair can be adjusted in four gears, you can sit or lie down, and you can enjoy nature in various forms.


Some chairs can even be converted into low tables, used as shelves to stack glove boxes, or replaced with accessories to become a table. For example, this F1-03 Maza from Shiliang Store is hand-polished with North American walnut, and the seat material is salt and pepper fabric provided by HK workshop. The seat height is 38cm.

After removing the seat surface, it can not only be used as a shelf, but also can be directly replaced by an aluminum table top of the same model.

  1. Small details

Pitz’s Moon Chair uses imported fabrics from Cordura 1050D and high-strength aviation aluminum alloy rods, with a seat height of 35cm. The mounting details of the chair surface are very practical, allowing you to store more sundries and reduce the clutter of the desktop.

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