Tips for choosing a camping chair

Storage method Briefly summarize the chairs after storage are divided into two types: columnar and flat. The column shape will be more friendly to the use of space, regardless of where there are seams and plugs. However, the flat shape needs to be pre-calculated and loaded in advance. Everyone can choose this according to their […]

4 bonus points for picking a camping chair

Chairs are usually the first props to be assembled when camping, and most of the camping scenes are also related to chairs. According to the material, the frame of the chair will have aluminum alloy, wood, etc.; according to the fabric, it will also be cotton canvas, polyester and others; in terms of load-bearing, basically, […]

How to choose an outdoor chair that suits you?

There are many uses of outdoor chairs now, such as camping in the wild, self-driving barbecue, fishing, and a large number of people enter these fields every year, which is enough to see the popularity of outdoor chairs, so how do we choose an outdoor chair that suits us? Let’s look down. When choosing an […]